Bright Yard Light

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Transform Your Dark And Boring Backyard Into A Modern Paradise In Just Minutes

Bright Yard provides high-quality lights to illuminate your dirt or concrete pathways and increase safety in your home.

The Bright Yard Light is the perfect lighting solution. It’s easy to set up, and easy to use. Once you place it down, it begins absorbing the sun’s energy. And when night falls, it automatically turns on for you!

Small, Simple, & Convenient - No Complicated Wiring, Batteries or Professional Installation Required.

No Ugly Large Lights, Tangled Wiring or Replacing Batteries all the Time - Just Ultra-Bright Light!


  • No Wiring or Maintenance Required.

  • 100% Weather Resistant.

  • Automatically charge during the day and light up at night.

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life on a full day of charge

Get Outside Lighting Lighting With Zero Maintenance 

The Bright Yard Light does not require any electricity at all. It is charged with sunlight during the day and lights up automatically in the sensor response at night.

Don't worry about heavy rain, snow, frost or sleet. It is widely used for outdoor areas such as garden, terrace, entrance, roadway, sidewalk, swimming pool and camping.



Do I need to charge them?

No, Bright Yard Lights are solar powered so you'll never have to worry about charging them. You won't have to worry about wiring or electric bills!

How do I turn them off?

Bright Yard Lights will automatically come on once it's dark outside. All you have to do is power them on before you put them into the ground, then the lights will automatically come on!

Will the break if it rains or snows?

Bright Yard is 100% weather resistant so you don't need to worry about rain or snow!

How long does the battery last?

On a full days charge, Bright Yard Light will last up to 10 hours

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